May 7, 2013

Unreal Frogs

Unreal Frogs

My neighbor has a rock-rimmed pond

At the front of his house

And a frog of some

Unnatural material stands tall

Verdigris on the bank

Though evenings tiny flesh frogs honk there.

This tall tin toad is the only skyscraper we

Know in this neighborhood and makes us kin with

beaches in Florida that are spiked with new vertical

hotels and cheap fastfooderies that

squat the marshes and keep the shifting

sands out of sight.

It’s kin to the breast implant that sometimes walks

Past our house and the garish

Signage on the road between Albuquerque

And Santa Fe and the golf course

Where a Hopi kiva and condos were

A patch of wilderness recently. . .

Anything to keep nature out

And tinted to our taste

And quietly invisible.

Anything not to be reminded

That we exist as and live in

And are called to

Raw beauty.

written by Thomas Moore

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